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An uncompromising vision for a new era in clear aligner therapy.


Linea is a premium clear aligner label founded in Melbourne by dentists, with an ambition to combine the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of direct-to-consumer aligners whilst still maintaining the same level of safety, dentist involvement and oversight as dentist-directed aligners.

When we decided to explore an invisible aligner brand, we wanted to do it in a very different way. We wanted to do more than just straighten people’s teeth, we wanted to transform lives. We wanted to inspire self-confidence and empower people to truly express themselves. For us, each smile is unique, each smile tells a story and we wanted to play a part in shaping that. To do this we had to create a brand that was universally accessible, yet didn’t sacrifice integrity.


Linea’s renewed approach to teeth straightening is reinventing the world of aligners, where patients are partnered with approved dentists to ensure that they have access to a thorough examination of teeth and gums, as well as important procedures like IPR and attachments that are crucial to treatment success.

Linea aligners are conceived using the highest quality BPA-free materials, and contemporary designs that are effortlessly moulded to the shape of your own unique smile.

We truly believe that through creativity, integrity and self-expression we can create a timeless brand that has an inspiring impact on people and their lives.


Creativity - We are creators. We chase originality. We try new things and we challenge convention.

Authenticity - We are genuine to our brand mission, and values. We can’t do everything and we don’t try to. We don’t over promise and we don’t under deliver. We are always honest and transparent in everything we do.

Community - Everyone is an individual “me”, but we are part of a great “we”. We are all in this together and we always look out for one another. We have empathy, we know we’re all human, and know we can’t do any of this alone.


Aspiration - We do what we love and are connected to something greater than ourselves. We never settle, we always strive to do more, be more. We self-evaluate and are constantly changing, improving, evolving.

Thankfulness - We are grateful for each other, our community, and to be part of this journey. We never take success for granted.

Tenacity - We never give up. We get things done and we do them well. We always persevere and we always push the boundaries of expectation.

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