Whiten your smile with LINEA dental-grade whitening

The no. 1 patient-requested high-strength whitening formula and custom-fitted whitening trays deliver a powerful whitening experience from home. See dramatic results after just a few applications.

Step 1

See a LINEA partner dentist

Visit a partner dentist near you to start your case. You will receive a smile check-up, x-rays and 3D scans.

Step 2

We design your custom trays

Once we have received your diagnostics we will manufacture your custom-fitted whitening trays and prepare your whitening kit.

Step 3

Dental-grade whitening kit, delivered to your door

We will deliver your whitening gels, custom trays and carrying case directly to your door.

Why choose LINEA whitening

Professional-grade treatment

Dentist-directed whitening uses a high-strength formula that delivers fast, powerful results.

Custom-fitted trays

Whitening trays are designed perfectly to the shape of your teeth. This ensures full whitening coverage, delivering better results and providing for a more comfortable experience.

Sensitivity-conscious formula

Specially developed whitening gel helps to protect enamel and reduce sensitivity during treatment


Dentist consult

  • Check-up
  • x-rays
  • 3D scans

$0-150 (dependent on health insurance)

Whitening kit

  • 3x whitening syringes
  • Custom-fitted trays
  • Carrying case


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