Introducing our most discreet & advanced teeth straightening device. The Linea clear aligner is a powerful tool to help you reshape your smile and rediscover your confidence.

Guided by Australia’s leading dentists

Your teeth are an important asset - don’t compromise on their care. With Linea, a licensed Australian dentist or orthodontist oversees your treatment, meaning your future smile is guaranteed by an expert.



A licensed Australian partner dentist near you will assess your smile, discuss your case with you and take diagnostics.

  • X-ray
  • Intra-oral photos
  • Suitability assessment
  • 3D scans


Our orthodontics team will craft a bespoke treatment plan for you. You will be able interact with a 3D simulation of your smile transformation prior to starting your journey.

  • Treatment plan
  • 3D smile simulation
  • Walk-through
  • Access to Linea APP


Our partner dentist will fit the aligners to your teeth and perform any procedures crucial to treatment success. Our local team will help you track progress remotely and are available 7 days.

  • Aligner kit
  • IPR & Attachments
  • Remote monitoring via Linea app
  • 7-day customer support

Industry-leading 3D scanning technology captures a digital impression of your smile. These professional scans are far more accurate than those gathered from at-home impression kits, leading to better tracking & more accurate results.

Our bespoke treatment plans are engineered by our in-house orthodontics team. The design focuses on facial symmetry, your lip profile and unique facial proportions to craft a perfectly personalised smile.



Highly Complex Cases - $4998 (incl. gst)

  • 13+ months treatment time
  • IPR
  • Attachments
  • Dental-grade whitening
  • 3 rounds of refinements
  • Retainers


Standard Cases - $3698 (incl. gst)

  • 5-12 months treatment time
  • IPR
  • Attachments
  • 2 rounds of refinements
  • Retainers
  • Dental-grade whitening


Very Light Cases - $2698 (incl. gst)

  • Up to 4 months treatment time
  • 1 round of refinements
  • Retainers
  • Dental-grade whitening




Braces At-Home Aligners
Expert dentist involvement
Erkodur premium aligner material
Bespoke dentist-approved plans
Professional Intraoral 3D scans
Remote progress tracking
7 day access to local customer care
6 month est. treatment time
Retainer included for free
Australian owned and operated
Patient Account Centre
Founded by dentists
Teeth whitening included for free



Crooked or overlapping teeth, caused by a lack of space in the jaw bone.


Gaps or spaces between the teeth, caused by an excess of space in the jaw bone.


A space or gap between the two front teeth – called a diastema.


When the upper front teeth are tilted or protrude outwards over the bottom teeth


Upper central teeth that stick out in the front of the mouth.


When the top and bottom teeth don’t touch each other when the mouth is fully closed.


When one or more of the bottom teeth sticks out past the top teeth.




I wish I had done it sooner!

I had a great experience with Linea! I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Invisalign but didn’t want to go for at-home straightening kits. The process was really easy - they booked my appointments, sent me reminders at the end of each month to upload my progress and checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing. They replied to my questions very promptly too! Dr Shaun was very patient and kind and took time to listen to my concerns. He explained the process thoroughly and gave me lots of advice. I’m super happy with the end results!



Thrilled with the whole experience

Amazing professional service and care for patients. The orthodontists linked to the Linea company were fabulous and it was reassuring to have an expert check in with your progress to make sure all was on track, rather than using companies who send out DIY at home kits. I’ve talked to people who have had Invisalign and from what I can tell there is very little difference in the processes carried out - but it’s a third of the cost. Thrilled with the results and would highly recommended linea to anyone who is considering!


Freyja Kenrick-Johnston

Easy process and great results!

I recently finished up Linea and I cannot recommend them enough! The whole process from start to finish was incredibly easy and straightforward. The aligners were comfortable to wear and didn't interfere with my day-to-day activities!

The customer service I received from Linea was top-notch. They were always available to help me with any issues that came up and were quick to respond to any inquiries I had. They made the entire process feel seamless and stress-free, which made me really comfortable. And finally, the results! I am over the moon with how my teeth look now. I feel so confident in my smile and overall appearance. I would highly recommend Linea to anyone considering clear aligners! Thank you Linea



The way to go for invisible aligners

Linea has a very thought out and painless process. Everything is explained up front and you are able to see your 3D plan and ask plenty of questions before you start. From my initial consultation to my aligners being ready was no longer than 3 weeks.

Having the face to face with a real dentist made Linea stand out from other brands. I had the comfort of having a dentist consult along the way without overspending on a orthodontist which really isn’t necessary for this type of treatment. The dentist was very informative and made me feel comfortable about the product. Linea customer service was excellent, they are always available, make the process as smooth and efficient as possible and check in regularly on progress. I certainly recommend Linea to friends and family. If you want good results, quickly, under dentist supervision without forking out unnecessarily for an orthodontist, Linea is the way to go.



Really happy with my results from Linea...

Really happy with my results from Linea and the change in such a short period is really impressive. Process was great, being all online made it easy to complete in my own time. The Dentist was great and super helpful. Having the scans completed and the aligners checked by the dentist gave me piece of mind that the aligners were the correct fit and the end result was correct. The Linea team were really helpful, communication was great, they checked in frequently and were quick to respond to any questions that I had along the way. I have recommended Linea to my friends.


Linea is by far the best option for clear aligners

If you are choosing a clear aligner treatment ... CHOOSE LINEA. You'll be buying from an Australian company, that has a hybrid support model including a full dental assessment and 3D scan. You'll get in person and online support through your treatment so you won't risk shoddy otcomes i.e. cracked teeth due to a poor treatment plan. The customer support is incredible (all local). Linea are a tiny bit more expensive than the some other options, but in overall quality, outcomes and service they are by far the best value.


Miss Isla Munro

Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience from start to finish. It was great having a local dentist linked into the service that I could discuss the process with in person and also handy to have the Linea customer service readily accessible if needed. I saw the results I was looking for in just 6 months and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Would definitely recommend to a friend or family looking to do the same!



highly recommend

I had a great experience with Linea. The process is straightforward.. you get contacted by a rep, they go through the details, fees etc over the phone and then they help book you in to see a dentist for your consult.

I had a lovely dentist named Michelle at Syndal dentistry.

Throughout the treatment, I received support and monthly check ins via WhatsApp from a Linea rep. This is a nice touch as the lines of communication are always open if needed.

I have had Invisalign in the past and have to say that there was no difference in the treatment compared with Linea which is at a much more affordable price point.

I am happy with the results and would recommend to anyone needing teeth alignment



Great experience from start to finish

Great experience from start to finish. Love the hybrid nature of it where you monitor it yourself, sending through images to get feedback coupled with dentist supervision. The dentist I was assigned to was also so friendly and great, got overall dental care there, not only check-ins on my progress. Customer service is 10/10, sending through reminders and accomodating my schedule, making sure I get my retainers before I travel!

The results - AMAZING. Did 2 sets in total, from the first set it was amazing already, and the second set just brought it to perfection!


Philippe customer

Best Descision going with Linea and Syndal Dentistry.

Best thing i ever did was go with Linea, the process was easy, the Linea team were always there for me / one msg or call away with monthly check ins. Definately a 10/10 for customer service and you almost make friends with them, theyre that friendly.

The dentist(Shaun Wang) at Syndal Dentistry is absolutely amazing. Very professional, friendly and in the best hands possible.

My results are alot better then i imagined.. i cant stop smiling now, like a goof ball haha.

Linea + Syndal Dentistry, thank you both for making me become a whole new person.

Thanks, Phil



Brilliant customer service every step…

Brilliant customer service every step of the way. The dentists I visited were lovely and professional. Whenever I needed tiny adjustments, the Linea team was more than happy to work with me to suggest a workable solution. Super responsive and helpful. The aligner trays themselves were tiny and barely visible! Each adjustment was subtle and never caused pain or discomfort. Also - I adore Linea’s marketing. Sublime! I am obsessed with my new teeth. And such a reasonable price too. Thank you soooo much!


Marsha. L

Gave me much more confidence!

I have always been self-conscious about how my two front teeth were uneven but when I came across Linea, I was ecstatic to learn that I was able to fix this within a few months. I would like to thank Dr. Michelle, who was so understanding and accommodating to my wishes and Nick from the Linea team, who answered any queries I had straight away, even on weekends! Thank you to the Linea team for giving me the confidence I never had!



Would highly recommend Linea

I had an amazing experience with Linea! The aligner process was hassle-free and effective, delivering fantastic results. The customer service was impeccable, always going the extra mile to make me feel valued and informed. My smile has been transformed, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Linea exceeded all my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to straighten their teeth.



My results are awesome

My results are awesome! my smile improved a lot, very happy with the process, James the dentist understood all what I wanted and helped me to design a really nice smile, and about the customer service they even answer on weekends



Teeth alignment

a. The process/experience with Linea was exceptional from start to finish. Their streamlined procedures and attention to detail made everything smooth and hassle-free.

b. Dentist Michelle at Linea was truly outstanding. Her expertise, gentle approach, and clear communication instilled confidence throughout the entire dental procedure.

c. The customer service provided by Linea was good. Follow up was on time.

d. The results of my dental treatment at Linea exceeded my expectations. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome, which showcased their commitment to delivering high-quality, remarkable results.



I did a fair bit of research before choosing to go with Linea. For me, Invisalign is too expensive, Byte, SmileDirectClub and a few others were priced well but unable and/or unwilling to deal with my particular needs (open bite, crowding top and bottom), and at 26 I wasn't willing to go with traditional braces. Furthermore, heaps of at home aligner treatments have too little dentist supervision which although rare, can lead to complications which you can find reviews on reddit and google for these other brands.

Overall, for the price I paid (I think around $2700 or $2800, can't remember exactly), Linea are a fantastic option.



I have just finished my treatment process, all up was about 6 months. Very quick and worked very well. I did some shopping around originally and glad I went with Linea!

The team were always very professional and made the whole process simple.

Samuel Schepis

Finally fixed my teeth and smile! The process with Linea was seamless. From the initial consultation through to the regular check ups with Dr Darren. Whenever I had questions they were answered, and the process is 100% worth it. My teeth look amazing, and I am stoked with the outcome! I wish I did it sooner, but Im glad I chose Linea!


Angela Tsou

A lovely experience that wasn’t overly complicated. Linea was very attentive to what I wanted to achieve and loved how easy the whole process was.


Randall Lim

I chose Linea to straighten my teeth because I liked the fact that they work together with a dentist throughout.

I was initially a bit nervous, but the process turned out to be pretty easy and straightforward. Linea suggested I see Dr. Darren at Holistic Dental Donvale for a check up before having my aligners made up. The process for scanning my teeth took about 10 to 15 minutes all up, with Dr. Darren taking the time to explain each step of the process.



Great service!! Very friendly staff that were excellent at communication. Great price compared to other products and very attentive. Would highly recommend




Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 6 months
Case: Protrusion
Duration: 8 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months
Case: Protrusion
Duration: 5 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months
Case: Crooked Tooth
Duration: 6 months
Case: Crooked Tooth
Duration: 6 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Open Bite
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 6 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Open Bite
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 6 months
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months


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