Linea Retainers

Post orthodontic treatment your teeth will want to revert back to their original position. Our medical-grade retainers will prevent your teeth from shifting, ensuring that you maintain your beautiful new smile for life.

Retain your new smile, forever

Never worry about your teeth shifting out of place with a new supply of retainers at the touch of a button

Delivered directly to your door

Order each new set of retainers from the comfort of your own home and have them conveniently delivered to your door.

Convenient night time wear

Retain your teeth each night so you can wake up fresh with perfectly straight teeth every morning.

Whiten your teeth

Use your custom-fitted retainers as whitening trays to turn your teeth into beautiful pearly whites.

Find the right package

Linea Recommends



(incl. shipping)

3x sets of retainers

Linea Recommends



(incl. shipping)

2x sets of retainers



(incl. shipping)

1x set of retainers

Save hundreds of dollars per year and multiple trips to the dentist with our retainer packages

Never worry about lost or broken retainers

If you break or lose a set just hop onto your account centre and purchase a new one. We’ll ship it directly to you the following week

No more trips to the dentist

With convenient at home delivery, your supply of retainers will be delivered to your door without you ever having to visit the dentist

Buy in bulk

Take advantage of our large savings when you purchase your supply of retainers in bulk.

Whiten your smile from home

Applying whitening treatment with your retainers allows you to keep your smile white & bright throughout the year.

Only available to those who have completed a Linea clear aligner treatment

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