A New Era in Smile Design

Comprehensive dentist involvement, doctor-prescribed treatment plans, Erkodur aligner technology, remote tracking and 7-day access to local customer care. Linea is the future of teeth straightening.

Direct Dentist Involvement

Why compromise on the road to your perfect smile? By involving trained professionals in your treatment, Linea clear teeth aligners are more likely to deliver the results you need, while ensuring your safety.

Our extensive Australian dental network means every case is thoroughly reviewed by a licensed dentist or orthodontist. A partner dentist near you will also properly assess the health of your teeth and gums and perform any procedures crucial to your treatment success, like IPR and attachments.

Premium Aligner Technology

Our clear teeth aligners are made using world-class Erkodur aligner material from Germany.

This premium-grade thermoplastic has a unique elastomeric construction, making it more durable, while still being flexible enough to allow for consistent force, leading to more accurate results.

Local Business, Local Care

Linea is an Australian business, founded by Australian dentists. Whether you need to consult a dentist or ask questions, our local team is available 7 days a week.

As a Linea patient, you will also have access to our Patient Account Centre, where you can view your treatment timeline, receive reminders and upload monthly tracking photos. This allows our in-house dentists to monitor your progress every step of the way, to ensure you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Retainers to Maintain Perfection

Retainers are crucial to ensure your teeth remain straight after treatment, and don’t revert to their original position. All Linea treatment kits come with a complimentary set of retainers. Wear them at night to keep your smile just the way you like it.

Is Linea right for you?

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